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Scuba Diver to OW Upgrade

One 3-hour and one 5-hour session!

Quick Details


  • Need to show proof of completed e-learning and confined training and pass the medical questionnaire.
Student Ages 10+
Certified Companion (1 Day, 2 Tanks)

Improve your scuba diving skills with our Scuba Diver to Open Water Course in Wailea, HI!

The PADI Scuba Diver Rating limits divers to a depth of 40ft. Want to expand your certification to the full Open Water level? Enroll in the upgrade course and we can verify what training you’ve done and what you’ll need to be a PADI OW diver! Typically, we can complete this course in two half days with a combination of knowledge and skills reviews and checkout dives off the beach at the Grand Wailea Resort. Have friends or family traveling with you that want to join? Add them on as certified companions! Course cost includes all rental gear.